Princeton University
Professor Lee M. Silver
WWS / MOL 586a : Biotechnology Policy
Course Overview (2006)
Reading and Discussion
Weekly Paper
(1) Response to previous week discussion (<1 page); (2) Critique of current papers
Final grade based on enligtened class discussion and papers (50/50)
What is Biotechnology
PowerPoint presentation overview
A history of modern biotechnology
Overview of the biotech industry
Comprehensive overview of modern biotechnology (For background only)
U.S. government oversight and regulation of biotechnology
The USDA (U. S. Department of Agriculture) biotechnology regulatory service (BRS)
Overview of roles played by U.S. agencies
Example of regulation for BT-corn
The role of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
The role of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
USDA regulation of idustrialized plants