Princeton University
Professor Lee M. Silver
WWS / MOL 586a : Biotechnology Policy
6. Examples of Transgenic Animal Technology (2006)

Presentation by Professor Silver (technical readings provided for reference purposes)
Overview of transgenic animal technology (a second overview)
Application 1: nutritional enhancement of cow's milk
Application 2: Making meat healthierR
Application 3: cows as a source of human blood products
Application 4: reducing ecological harm caused by farm animals
Application 5: Chicken bioreactors for protein-based drugs
Application 6: enhancing fish growth by traditional or transgenic methods
Science policy analysis
Policy Proposal from the Pew Foundation (Regulating transgenic animals)
Nature Biotechnology review of Pew
Transgenic Fish
Glo-fish fall between the cracks
"Animal Integrity"
Brave New Birds