Travel photos of the Silver Family
Princeton, New Jersey and the West Village of NYC
Lee, Susan, Rebecca, Ari, and Max
Silver Family in the Galapagos Islands, August 2006
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Setting Sail
01_MG_1364 - Version 2

On the Cacholote

Galapagos sea lions line the beach

Becca and sealions

Fur sea lion pup

South Plaza Island

Cachalote off South Plaza

Iguana eating cactus

Galapagos land iguana

Oblivious land iguanas

Marine iguanas cling on for dear life!

Sally Lightfoof crabs

Susan Kayaking

Lee kayaking

The Cachalote crew and passangers

Breakfast on the Cachalote boat.

Greater Flamingos at dawn

Family of Galapagos Penguins

Flightless cormorant

The iconic Blue Booby

Two boys. Two hawks.

Brown pelican

Waved albatross

The Silver family

Giant land tortise

Giant Tortise

Sea green turtle

Golden Rays

Rocking on the Cachalote

Sun setting behind a sailboat

Crossing the equator

Moon rise at the equator

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