Remaking Eden Redux
How Genetic Engineering and Cloning will Transform the American Family
Professor of molecular biology and public policy in the Woodrow Wilson school of Public & International Affairs at Princeton University
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Remaking Eden: Selected U.S Book Reviews
The Copy Shop By Paul Raeburn New York Times Jan. 11, 1998
Clone: The road to Dolly & Remaking Eden: Cloning and beyond in a brave new world By Robert S. Schwartz, M.D. New England Journal of Medicine July 9, 1998
Book Review By Harold Schmeck Neiman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University summer, 1998
Book Review By Michael Yudell Natural History Sept. 1998
Book Review: We should stop worrying and learn to love the clone By Alasdair Palmer Chicago Sun-Times Jan. 18, 1998
Genetic rights: The next civil rights movement? By: Clarence Page Chicago Tribune March 3, 1998
A double take on clones By Will St. John Knight-Rider

Jan. 20, 1998

Hello, Dolly: A cloned sheep is only the beginning to an inevitable biological conclusion By Lynn Yarris San Jose Mercury Times Feb 1, 1998
Shaping Genetic Future By: Ben Bova Hartford Courant July 21, 1998
"Reprogenetics" may be next horror in Roe vs. Wade era By Chris Stamper World Magazine Jan. 17, 1998
Remaking Eden: Selected U.K. & Commenwealth Book Reviews
Designer genes and Legal Briefs by John Cairns Nature Magazine April 23, 1998
Breakthrough Books By Jeremiah P. Ostriker Lingua Franca April, 1999
Book Review: Remaking Eden By Colin Tudge New Statesman Jan. 30, 1998
Babies without sex By Jon Turney New Scientist Jan. 24, 1998
Natural Optimist By Brian Morton Scotland on Sunday Feb 1, 1998
Better babies for the better off on the possibilities revealed by the new reproductive technologies By Deirdre Janson-Smith Sunday Telegraph (London) Jan 18, 1998
Putting all our eggs in one basket by Steve Connor Sunday Times (London) Jan 18, 1998
Why alien genes can run amok: Genetic engineering can seriously damage your health by Mae-Wan Ho Financial Times (London) Mar 28, 1998
Cheating in lottery of life By Graham Philips The Sunday Star-Times (New Zealand) Feb. 15, 1998
Book Review: A Second Genesis By John Meakin Journal for a New World June 2000
  London Review of Books March 5, 1998
Remaking Eden: Selected Online Review
Book Review: Remaking Eden: Cloning And Beyo nd in a Brave New World By Randolfe Wicker Gay Today at Badpuppy April 28, 1998
Engineering a Nightmare By Charles A. Donovan Citizen: a web site devoted to family values 2002
Cloning and Beyond in a Brave New World By Stewart Brand Global Business Network Book Club Feb. 1998
Manipulating the Linguistic Code By John Wilson Christianity Today October, 2001
Book Review: Clone Wars By Andrew Brown Salon Jan. 15, 1998
The Command College Book Review By Mike Callagy 2001
Book Review By Christan Sauve June, 1999
Book Review: Science alone cannot provide guidance for a bioengineered future By Dennis Shea MSNBC Online Jan. 16, 1998
Book Review: Remaking Eden: Cloning And Beyond in a Brave New World By Alan I. Packer Beagle Online March 6, 1998
Remaking Eden: Countries of Publication
Country Date Publisher
USA Nov., 97 Avon Books
United Kingdom Jan., 98 Weidenfeld & Nichols
Netherlands Feb., 98 Uitgeverij Callenbach
Germany Mar., 98 Droemer
Italy Apr., 98 Sperling & Kupfer
Denmark Apr., 98 Wangels
Japan May, 98 Shoeisha
Sweden Sept., 98 Richters
Finland Nov., 98 WSOY
Taiwan Dec., 98 China Times
Spain Dec., 98 Santillana/Taurus
Korea Spr., 99 Hanseung
Poland Spr., 99 Proszynskii ska
Isreal Spr., 99 Hed Azi
Romania 1999 Lider
China 1999 Hunan Sci & Tech. Publishing House (simple characters) & Bertelsmann Book Club
Estonia 2000 Tanapaev
Brazil Nov., 99 Editora Mercuryo
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