Challenging Nature
published by Ecco/Harper Collins, 2006
Professor of molecular biology and public policy in the Woodrow Wilson school of Public & International Affairs at Princeton University
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Princeton Courses
Comments on biotechnology and spiritual influences on politics
Embryonic Manipulations of George Orwell Bush (American Council on Science & Health, June 21, 2007)
in Facts and Fears at the American Council on Science & Health
Can "science" be used to prove that one-cell human embryos are equivalent to human beings?
A third response to Robert George and Patrick Lee (not accepted for publication in the National Review Online
Organic farmers never use toxic chemical pesticides on their crops, right? GM crops are more likely to be dangerous than organic ones, right? Actually, the first claim is factually incorrect, and the second flies in the face of empirical data! So why are so many people so easily fooled?
Selected Articles from the popular press
Human-animal chimeras: from mythology to biotechnology.Newsweek International, July 31, 2006.
The environment's best friend: GM or organic?New York Academy of Sciences magazine, May-June 2006.
What's the difference between an embryo and a stem cell? Scientifically-speaking, nothing. The Washington Post (Sunday Outlook Section): August 19, 2001
What are clones? They're not what you think they are. (pdf) Nature: July 5, 2001
Discussion of other topics
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