Challenging Nature
published by Ecco/Harper Collins, 2006
Professor of molecular biology and public policy in the Woodrow Wilson school of Public & International Affairs at Princeton University
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Genetics: From Genes to Genomes
Leland Hartwell, Ann Reynolds, Ruth C. Veres, Lee M. Silver, Leroy Hood, Michael L. Goldberg
Hartwell Genetics
Genetics: From Genes to Genomes is a cutting-edge, introductory genetics text authored by an unparalleled author team, including Nobel Prize winner, Leland Hartwell. The Third Edition continues to build upon the integration of Mendelian and molecular principles, providing students with the links between early genetics understanding and the new molecular discoveries that have changed the way the field of genetics is viewed The twentieth century witnessed the emergence of genetics as a central discipline in biology. However, for much of the century, the study of genetics focused on the identification and analysis of individual genes. Only recently has another idea gained currency -- the concept that no gene acts alone, instead it is through complex molecular interactions within and among vast networks of genes and proteins that organisms ultimately live and die. Genetics: From Genes to Genomes reflects this new perspective. We integrate Mendelian genetics, molecular genetics, genomics, bioinformatics, human genetics, the unity of life forms, and molecular evolution into a cohesive comprehensive approach to the study of life in the 21st century. Students who have completed this text will have a strong command of genetics as it is practiced today by university and corporate researchers who are rapidly changing our understanding of living organisms, including ourselves; increasing our ability to prevent, treat and diagnose disease, to engineer new life forms for food and medical uses; and, ultimately, creating the ability to replace or correct detrimental genes.
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