Challenging Nature
published by Ecco/Harper Collins, 2006
Professor of molecular biology and public policy in the Woodrow Wilson school of Public & International Affairs at Princeton University
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Princeton Courses
Video and audio podcasts
Beyond Belief, Enlightenment 2.0 conference The Salk Institute, November 1, 2007
Comedy Central: Stephen Colbert Report (Video, 6 minutes). July 2006
Boston University debate on cloning (Video, 10 minutes). April, 2003

Documentary transcripts
Eighteen ways to make a baby. (PBS Nova, October 2001)
Making Babies. (PBS Frontline, June 19999)
The McLaughlin Group (NBC, August 1998)
National radio appearances
9/06/06 NPR Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane
04/13/05 NPR Los Angeles
05/05/03 NPR Talk of the Nation (Topic: Egg cells and bioethics)
04/18/03 NPR Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane
11/30/01 NPR Talk of the Nation: Science Friday (Topic: Cloning)
03/06/00 NPR Justice Talking (2-person debate)
04/01/98 NPR DNA files (8 part series)
01/19/98 NPR All Things Considered
01/09/98 NPR Talk of the Nation: Science Friday
12/19/97 NPR Talk of the Nation: Science Friday
Voice of America
National Talk to America
12/03/97 NPR Derek McGinty Show
12/03/97 syndicated Pacifica Radio Network
12/02/97 syndicated G. Gordon Liddy Show
12/02/97 syndicated Bonneville International Capitol Newsbeat
11/06/97 CBS radio The Gil Gross Show

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